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Prof Lyndsay Fletcher, University of Glasgow

Dr Sarah Staniland, University of Sheffield

Dr Rylie Green, Imperial College London

Prof Kerstin Meints, University of Lincoln

Prof Sheila Rowan, University of Glasgow

Prof Cathy Holt, Cardiff University

Dr Sabine Gabrysch, Heidelberg University

Dr Marta Vicente-Crespo, St Augustine International University

Prof Marileen Dogterom, Delft University of Technology

Prof Sheila MacNeil, Sheffield University

Dr Zohreh Azimifar, Shiraz University

Prof Sharon Ashbrook, St Andrews University

Engineering and Physical Sciences 2017.p
  • Awards Announcement
    This time next week, on Tuesday 11 October at Bletchley Park, sees the launch of an initiative to celebrate women in maths and computing. As a new branch of the existing Suffrage Science scheme, it will encourage women into science, and to reach senior leadership roles... Read More
  • Ceremony News Article
    Ada Lovelace Day 2016 saw the launch of a new award for women in maths and computing. At the launch event, 12 women received jewellery awards to celebrate their scientific achievements and ability to inspire others. Every two years, the award will be handed on to a new group of women, thereby extending the scheme’s reach... Read More
  • Ceremony Brochure
    Find the ceremony brochure here.
  • Video
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