For more than 100 years, 8 March has marked International Women’s Day; an international celebration of the achievements of women and their fight for equality. There was no better way for us to celebrate this occasion this year than with our fourth Engineering & Physical Sciences Suffrage Science awards.

Suffrage Science is a scheme that was set up in 2011 to recognise and celebrate inspirational women in STEM fields who are conducting pioneering work but also inspiring more women to stay in STEM and progress to more senior roles.

The scheme’s unique concept is that each current holder nominates who they pass their heirloom award onto every 2 years. Creating a network of women who are supporting and empowering each other, building each other up rather than tearing each other down.

This year’s Suffrage Science award handover was held at The Royal Society, London and highlighted researchers from across the world with nominees from UK, Belgium, The Netherlands and Iran to name a few.

The event was hosted by Vivienne Parry and guests were treated to a panel discussion about ‘the needs and challenges in engineering and society’. Panellists were Caroline Hargrove of Babylon Health, and formerly of McLaren Applied Technologies, Rylie Green of Imperial College London and Fran Scott of the Royal Institution. The panellists discussed their inspirations to get into engineering, being a role model, the diversity in their fields and the challenges engineering is faced with. Highlights of the discussion were getting engineering careers advice into schools and the role of social media influencers impacting the way we get our science news.

Congratulations to our 2019 Suffrage Science awardees in the Engineering and Physical Sciences branch. Below you can see the 2017 holders of the awards and who they nominated to pass their heirloom onto:

2017 holders:

Lyndsey Fletcher

Sarah Staniland

Rylie Green

Kerstin Meints

Sheila Rowan

Cathy Holt

Sabine Gabrysch

Marta Vincente-Crespo

Marileen Dogterom

Sheila MacNeil

Zohreh Azimifar

Sharon Ashbrook

2019 award winners:

Moira Jardine

Sarah Harris

Roisin Owens

Tiny de Keuster

Karen Holford

Serena Best

Tara Garnett

Isabel Palacios

Amina Helmi

Sue Kimber

Marzieh Moosavi-Nasab

Melinda Duer

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