Pendant by Lola Lou

Designer Lola Lou says, “I use cells and tissue scaffolds as icons to represent you twelve individuals, and the Medical Research Council.” She adds that bringing together women in through the Suffrage Science scheme has created a network that contributes to mankind. Embedded in her pendant are round and oval shaped stones of white moonstone, purple amethyst and green peridot minerals – the colours of the Suffragettes.

Brooch by Diana Dong

Designer Diana Dong says her brooch is inspired by “the strength, belief and courage that exist deep within each woman’s heart.” On her design board, she writes, “Under their seemingly weak appearance there is a strong heart with the desire for growth, equal rights and hope to make (a) contribution to mankind in the fields of science, medicine and engineering.” “The display device is designed to incorporate the magnetic levitation principle. Magnets will be installed in the base of the display device and the bottom of the brooch, which will make the brooch suspend in mid air,” says Dong.

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