Brooch by Veronika Fábián

Pattern of thought – Made from gold punched tape, the brooch reflects the fields of mathematics and computing. Punctured tape was originally used by computer scientists to send text-based messages, and later for storing data. The brooch is an elegant piece with a powerful message, decoding the series of holes on the brooch reveals sentences from three Suffragette banners; ‘Deeds not words’, ‘Courage Constancy Success’, ‘Through thick & thin we n’er give in’ and the phrase ‘Suffrage Science Award 2016’.

Bangle by Emine Gulsal

Mathematical beauty – Engraved, on the inside curve, with what many mathematicians consider to be the most beautiful of all mathematical equations, eiπ+1= 0. The bracelet symbolises the infinite, symmetrical qualities of circles. Encapsulated inside the outer curve is a single, isolated pearl, which can move in a continuous circular motion. “I feel that my piece conveys a sense of power and strength within women.”

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